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I am committed to supporting you in expressing your truest self, and in helping you find joy, connection, and satisfaction in relationships. It’s critically important to me that all people can find safety, comfort, and solace in my therapy practice. I continuously strive to create an LGBTQIA2S+ affirming, neurodivergent-affirming, antiracist, and compassionate space for everyone. Much of that work starts with me – my own efforts to explore parts of myself and to increase my self-awareness around power, privilege, and oppression.

I work with adult individuals and couples/parents from an attachment focused and trauma informed lens, personalizing therapy to meet your unique needs. Other modalities include EMDR, somatic/parts work, mindfulness-based therapy, internal resourcing, and CBT/DBT skills. Areas of specialty include trauma work, anxiety, depression, adoptee/adoption therapy/support, attachment work, couples therapy, infidelity counseling, and parenting support.

Support is available and growth is possible. Please call me at 303-727-0291 for a free 15-min consultation to see if I am the right fit for you. I am licensed in Oregon and Colorado, and I offer telehealth sessions to give you the flexibility and added privacy often afforded by online sessions. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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Online Therapy

Does your busy schedule make it difficult to keep appointments with a therapist in-office?

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Have you felt overwhelmed, and find it difficult to identify why?

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Depression Therapy

Does depression keep you from living a full life?

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Couples Counseling

Are you and your partner struggling in your relationship?

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Family Counseling

Are you feeling overwhelmed, out of options, and unsure how to move forward because of a difficult issue happening in your family?

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Has your relationship with your child become strained?

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Adoption Counseling

Are you struggling with your adoptive child’s behaviors and emotions?

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Trauma Therapy

Do you find it difficult to be fully present, secure, or joyful in your life due to a traumatic event from your past?

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EMDR Therapy

EMDR can help you learn skills to deal with trauma, develop a sense of greater peace, and feel empowered.

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Anxiety Therapy

Does anxiety make it hard to find peace or relief?

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