parent and child holding handsIt has been a while since I have made a blog post.  I am inspired to write a short post today because of a book I am reading about attachment-focused parenting by Dan Hughes.  Attachment focused parenting is about facilitating healthy development in our children through the development of a secure, healthy parent-child relationship.

Think about your own childhood, and think about the adults that were in your life.  You may be able to remember one special adult in your life (whether it was a parent, teacher, mentor, coach) who cared for you and accepted you unconditionally, who did not judge you, who facilitated your growth as a person and influenced who you eventually became as an adult in this world.  These attachments facilitate lifelong growth and development in us as human beings.  The gift that we can give our children is to facilitate their growth in the context of a healthy attachment.  Below, I have added a short quote from Dan Hughes’ book, “Attachment Focused Parenting.”  It is a great book for parents  interested in learning more about developing this type of connection with their child:

“But parenting, and especially attachment-focused parenting, is much more than guidance and discipline.  The context in which such interactions facilitate development and relationship enhancement is one of safety, comfort, support, and reciprocal enjoyment and sharing.  Such a context enables the child to experience a depth of confidence and commitment that enables all experiences,  especially parent-child experiences, to become assimilated….into a developing sense of self.  Such experiences provide the child with a core sense of worth, of being loved, and being able to love in return.  They provide an active stance of openness and exploration that generates momentum for the child to discover himself and his world, especially the world of his family.”
-Dan Hughes
“Attachment Focused Parenting” (pp. 8-9)


If you’re interested in learning more about how attachment-focused parenting could improve your connection with your child, contact me to see how parenting counseling can help.