Conscious Parenting: What Is It And Is It The Right Approach For You?

The traditional parent-child relationship is simple: the parent is the authority and the child is the subject; the child’s needs come second to the parent’s demands. The parent knows what’s best, so the parent makes all the decisions, and if the child doesn’t comply, there are consequences and punishments. Conscious parenting smooths that playing field out—encouraging parents to adopt a style of servant-leadership that sees parents and children as peers.

So You Can’t Remember Trauma In EMDR Therapy, What Should You Do?

It’s impossible to talk about healing from past trauma without talking about EMDR therapy. When you’re looking for that light at the end of the tunnel, it can be extra frustrating if you try it and feel like it isn’t working for you because you still can’t consciously recall the details of your trauma.

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3 Tips to Help Manage Seasonal Depression

Summer often feels like it’s here and gone in the blink of an eye. In comes autumn with shorter days, colder nights, and the rush of the holiday season. It would be wonderful if we could hunker down and hibernate until the spring. Instead, we end up cooped up inside, binging on tv shows late into the night, and snacking on junk food.

Your Body Doesn’t Forget, So How Does It Remember Trauma?

We are wild animals. I mean that in every sense of the word. Our species took a winding evolutionary path to get here and picked up all kinds of nifty tricks along the way: immune systems that keep us safe, skin that grows calloused and hard in rough environments, and brains that are tuned to look for danger. As a result of all those years surviving in nature, our bodies evolved into complex, beautiful machines built for survival. Our relationship with trauma is rooted in those mechanisms.

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Valentine’s Day: Using an Over-Rated Holiday as a Jumpstart to Foster Intention in Your Relationship

Are you trying to figure out how to spend your Valentine’s Day with your loved one? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by options (sometimes expensive) and by pressure to create a loving/special date?

Past, Present, and Future: Mindfulness and Managing Anxiety

Anxiety, the feeling of tension, worry, nervousness (usually about an upcoming event or an unknown outcome), is something that most people will experience at various points throughout their lives.  Especially in the society in which we live, where life is usually fast-paced with a focus on the future, anxiety seems to be especially prevalent. 

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