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Has Your Relationship With Your Child Become Strained?

Do you feel overwhelmed and at a loss about how to support your child’s needs lately? Are they struggling with misbehavior, problems at school, or social interactions? Maybe your child has been rude, acted disrespectfully, or demonstrated signs of anxiety or depression. Or maybe you desire to have a more deeply connected bond with your child or to identify ways to set different boundaries with them.

You might be ashamed about the way things have been going or feel like a ‘bad parent,’ and you aren’t sure how to move forward. Perhaps you are wondering if parenting counseling can help bring your relationship some peace and happiness.

What A Difficult Parent-Child Relationship Looks Like

Maybe you wake up every day overwhelmed and exhausted from parenting a newborn or a toddler, with all of the challenges that come with being a new parent. Or, maybe you have a school-aged child, and they come home from school with anxiety or sadness about their academics or their peer group.

They may experience bullying, or they might even be the one who is doing the bullying at school. You may have to ask them to do things like chores, homework, or even take care of their personal hygiene or living space several times before you resort to raising your voice.

You might feel extremely impatient and increasingly angry at your child, and by the end of the day, find yourself emotionally drained, tired, and feeling a sense of guilt or shame, wondering how long this will go on. Additionally, you might find yourself worrying about how all these feelings you’re having are impacting your relationship with your child.

You probably think that if you could flip a switch and fix your child’s behavior or your relationship with them, your home would feel more peaceful and everyone would feel happier. Fortunately, there is a way to support you in your relationship with your child, while helping them feel less afraid, anxious, or sad, and reinforcing your skill and confidence as a parent.

With counseling, you can find new perspectives on your family’s struggles, and empower yourself to make parenting more joyful.

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Parenting Requires A Constant Adjustment To Change

Being a parent can feel like attempting to find even footing on a bumpy and rocky road. It’s typical for changes throughout the childhood years to generate feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and even insecurity in a parent’s ability to adjust accordingly.

Most parents worry that they are somehow doing something wrong or that something is wrong with their child, whether that is objectively true or not. According to the Pew Research Center (1):

  • 62 percent of parents say that being a parent is more difficult than they expected, and 26 percent say it’s been a lot more difficult. 
  • 29 percent say parenting is stressful on a daily basis.  
  • 40 percent of parents say they are very worried that their child might end up struggling with anxiety or depression.

To worry about one’s parenting abilities is to be in familiar company, which points out just how tough being a parent can be. 

Societal Issues That Add Challenges

Daily struggles with parenting can be due to many causes, such as the parents’ careers, their work-life balance, or related issues like financial stress. Parents may worry that they are judged harshly by other parents rather than accepting their family’s situation for what it uniquely is without comparing their lives to others. 

Issues like discrimination due to one’s race, sexual orientation, or gender identity can make child development and parent-child relationship challenges even more complicated. 

Furthermore, parents may experience pressure from other family members that involves cultural expectations or superficial demands for their children to appear a certain way, such as being polite, respectful, possibly religious, smart, athletic, and all around “perfect.” 

Despite your circumstances, and no matter how long your relationship with your child has been strained, a therapist can help your parenting journey become more peaceful and in line with your goals and your child’s well-being.

Therapy for Parenting Can Help Your Family Heal And Thrive

I have worked with many parents over the last 20+ years, and I have done a lot of research and training on what is most effective in parenting. I am also “in the foxhole” with you as I’m raising my own two beautiful children.

It’s easy to get stuck in a relational pattern between you and your child. Having someone “on the outside looking in” can help you identify these patterns and ways to get unstuck. You may have experienced this relationship dynamic for so long that you feel guilt and shame for your situation. Working through these feelings and understanding the deeper roots of them in therapy can help you show up with your child as their parent in a more authentic way.

My Approach To Parenting Counseling

Fostering an attuned relationship with your child is the single most effective tool we have when parenting. Attunement means you are fully present with your child in the moment, observing them, and listening to what they’re saying. You then use what you’ve learned in these moments to anticipate and understand what they need from you in the future.

Additionally, attunement to your child helps to foster a deep bond with them. Fostering a secure attachment with your child can help influence their ability to trust you and to reach out for help and comfort instead of finding another way when in need.

In counseling sessions, you will learn ways to go beyond traditional forms of parenting and utilize effective tools to strengthen your bond with your child. You will gain a better understanding of who you are as a parent, what you value, and how to show up authentically and in a calm, regulated way for your child.

Modalities To Help You Heal Your Connection With Your Child

Attachment-Based Family Therapy – I will help you foster your connection with your child while also setting boundaries that will be mutually beneficial to you both. Attachment-based parenting therapy also involves exploring your own experiences being parented as a child, and how this impacted you in the past and possibly still today.

Interpersonal Neurobiology – This is a framework I follow that describes how the human mind and the circuitry of the brain work, how these connections develop, and how relationships and attachments in life impact it.

Trust-Based Relational Interventions – This is a multidisciplinary approach that works for many parent-child relationships, especially ones that involve trauma in some way. It utilizes a set of principles for connecting, empowering, and repairing broken bonds.

No matter how long your relationship with your child has been challenged, my approach to parenting counseling will give you a sense of clarity, confidence, and direction. You will have a deeper understanding of yourself and a clearer view of the next steps you can take, day by day. You will also have a more connected and fulfilling relationship with your child where your bond can grow and thrive in the years ahead.

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You Might Still Have Concerns About Parenting Counseling…

Am I messing up my kid?

This question is probably the most common fear parents have in raising their children. You are not alone in this. There is no perfect parent – every parent makes mistakes and has regrets, myself included. My attempt at an encouraging and empowering message to you is that small changes can go a long way, and you can resolve these issues one day at a time. Having a counselor on hand to help you work through this difficult time in your parenting journey can be the supportive boost you need to see it through with compassion, grace, and patience.

I’m a busy parent and I really don’t have time for therapy even though I know it would help.

Parenting support doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. What might feel overwhelming and time-consuming at the start of therapy could end up being resolved sooner than you realize. Additionally, you have the option of working with me via telehealth, making it easier and more convenient to fit therapy into your busy schedule.

I am worried about you judging my parenting choices. 

I understand this fear, both personally and professionally. Many parents have shared with me their fear of judgment from others, and I have experienced this myself as a parent. Fear of judgment can be so all-encompassing that it prevents us from moving forward. I truly feel that, as parents, we are doing the best that we can, no matter what our circumstances are.

When a parent reaches out to me for counseling, I see their commitment to themselves and their child; I don’t see a deficit. The last thing I want you to feel is shame or judgment for trying to improve yourself through parenting therapy.

Reach Out To Start Healing Your Relationship With Your Child

In therapy, you will learn about your relationship with your child in a way that heals and builds your connection. Reach out to my practice for a free, 15-minute consultation at (303) 727-0291 to discuss how parenting counseling can help your family find its even footing to make fulfillment and joy possible again.


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