happy couple at the beachRead this interesting article which discusses the research of John Gottman, Ph.D., and professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Washington.  Dr. Gottman has spent over 40 years studying couples and identifying key factors that make relationships work.  In this article from www.match.com, the author sites Gottman’s research, which indicates one of these factors.  Specifically, Gottman’s research indicates that healthy couples make more positive comments and gestures to each other than negative ones (a ratio of 5:1), and that this ratio tends to predict whether couples will stay together with 94% accuracy.


So, next time you are tempted to snap at your partner or make a sarcastic comment, think twice about this.  What is another way that you can communicate your needs/thoughts/opinions, while still protecting the sanctity of your relationship?

If you’re interested in improving communication in your relationship, reach out to see how couples counseling can help.